Pontrelli Marketing integrates a Dealer’s Business Plan (the WHAT to do) with a Marketing Strategy (the HOW to do). We focus on your Strategic Growth Initiatives. We will introduce the TRUE role of Marketing, one that is Accountable to understanding market conditions, competitors, customer needs, which guides you towards markets and applications where you are differentiated.

Today, many of these activities are delegated to Sales, which does not work. Sales must focus on evolving Buyers and changes in the sales Cycle. When Dealers load all initiatives on the backs of Sales, it is not only unfair to Sales, but it results in limited revenue growth in high potential markets, and limits your Brand value.

Pontrelli Marketing is designed to become your VMO (Virtual Marketing Officer). We offer Marketing and Strategy Consulting Services to build a Sustainable Marketing Foundation, Methodology and Process for your Dealership. You may have a VP of Sales, VP of Service, CFO, VP of HR / Admin, but your business model cannot afford a true VP of Marketing. As your VMO, Pontrelli Marketing works with your team to develop the Marketing Foundation required to drive your business results.

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