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Pontrelli Marketing Customer Vision App


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Manage Your Firms Interactions with Potential and Current Customers

The Pontrelli Marketing Customer Vision app is the only CRM Marketing tool that organizes customer records by Vertical and Horizontal Market segment, and provides market targets per strategic sales initiative, based on the dealers’ success in the market, by initiative.


Dealers currently use a variety of CRM platforms, most designated for the Office Technology industry. Many of the CRM integrations are aligned with ERP data to support the transactional business model, whether it be lease or service contract expirations, Machines in Field, or Meter Clicks. Proposal writing, pricing, configuration, and SOP integrations are rapidly evolving within CRM platforms. Only a few integrations, however, are based on the management of customer data and maintaining the integrity of the CRM customer record. Many Dealers are becoming aware of the lack of data within its customer records, such as decision maker(s) contact information, competitive technology data, sales activity records, account business reviews and so forth.

The original intent for the CRM was to create a Customer Relationship Management platform.  According to Wikipedia, the definition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is: Is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Pontrelli Marketing has created a unique CRM Marketing Foundation with most CRM providers who serve the Office Technology dealer channel.  The Pontrelli Marketing Customer Vision’ app can be integrated within a CRM platform allowing for customer records to highlight market segmentation and target marketing data based on the dealer customer success on a market basis and its value-added services and technology basis. This CRM Marketing Foundation was based on proven FG500 data marketing practices within this industry.

Since 2020, many CRM platforms are integrating with Marketing Automation services to develop an automated marketing process to communicate to customers and prospects.  Pontrelli Marketing will ensure the sales process, and the marketing process are aligned within the CRM platform.  This is a mandatory requirement to truly create a Customer Centric culture, by way of efficiently communicating the right value-added message to the right target market and decision maker.  The ability for Marketing and Sales to align efforts specifically focus on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth can only occur through an efficient Customer Relationship Management platform.

"Emerald has worked within our CRM platform and Marketing tools to fully automate our marketing and sales process. Each Sales and Marketing activity is now entered as a 'Pontrelli Campaign', where everything is getting measured. We've proven, where we have Focus, we do Better. We will continue to refine this process each year to sell more services and solutions offerings within our customer base and net new accounts."

Gerry Ryan
President, Emerald Document Imaging

“With a new VP of Sales and a new CRM platform, at a higher cost than the previous CRM, Sales adoption was a key area of focus. Pontrelli Marketing helped aligned sales and marketing processes, with its Customer Vision app, to create a true CRM marketing engine. We call this a ‘closed loop marketing process’ where sales activities are measured by each of the marketing leads within the CRM. We clearly see the return on this investment. Pontrelli Marketing helps us understand what best in class marketing looks like and ongoing involvement keeps us informed of best practices while assisting in efforts to hold ourselves accountable for continued compliance and success.”

Jim Kreikemeier
President, Capital Business Systems

"Pontrelli Marketing took our existing CRM, Marketing Automation and Website tools to create an integrated Marketing Foundation for CA Reding. We built a fully automated process and focused our efforts on targeted marketing campaigns, focused on markets which yielded the largest opportunity for growth. We are implementing a marketing plan based on our revenue growth strategies to better enable our sales efforts. We have seen steady growth in our strategic sales initiatives through this fully integrated marketing and sales process.”

Steve Reding
President, CA Reding