Pontrelli Marketing Office Technology Supplier Optimization is designed to utilize the Marketing power of your preferred providers. Manufacturers, Software Partners and Services Suppliers offer ample Marketing and Sales content, via a dealer / reseller portal. Many times, you do not use these materials for a variety of reasons, namely, no one person owns this task. At Pontrelli Marketing, we leverage our marketing expertise to assist clients in selecting the appropriate content to use, based on your chosen portfolio focused on specific customer and marketing segments.

Our clients have the ability to align proven technologies and services pointed towards proven customer pain points. We meet with your preferred providers to discuss target markets and leverage their vertical and horizontal knowledge. Remember, your preferred provider has an enterprise wide knowledge based on the success of all of their resellers. In many cases, we have worked with your providers, and they see the benefit of becoming an integral component of your Marketing Strategy. They believe the Marketing Foundation Methodology and Process will generate more strategic growth sales. This is how you benefit:

  • Leverage application specific solutions for corresponding landing pages on your websites. Illustrates you understand industry specific challenges, pain points and can provide desired business outcomes.
  • Content available for email campaigns to nurture and educate your customer.
  • Sales Rep talk track materials for Decision Maker / Persona.
  • Positions your brand as a thought leader in specific industries and differentiates you against your competition.

We also attend preferred partner webinars to ensure ‘application’ training occurs versus ‘technology’ training. How many lunch n learns have you conducted with minimal to no impact?