Pontrelli Marketing Analytics capabilities help our clients understand what is working and isn’t working.   Benchmarks are put into place to compare Marketing / Sales activities against industry standards or like clients. In most cases today, dealers are not aware of inbound marketing activities or results. Money is being spent without targets in place or understanding what good looks like. There is no ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) to measure from. We put Marketing KPIs in place to measure against previous year results (if found) or on benchmark standards.

In many cases, you are already investing in Digital (Inbound) Marketing tactics. How do you measure these results? Do you know you open, click through and bounce rates? In many cases, you want to upgrade your website. Do you know the hit rates, which pages Buyer 2.0 is viewing and how much time they are viewing? How do we know what content is being viewed and / or downloaded? We can analyze the data to measure your effectiveness and overall Marketing impact.

Our Benchmark capabilities do not stop there. We are able to determine where your software, solutions and services value add sales occur against your peer group. Are there markets you have yet to tap that other peers have? Which markets do you capitalize on your value proposition? We can help answer those questions and determine markets than can yield higher returns.