Marketing Foundation Assessment

Take the assessment below by grading the following Marketing Components from 1 to 5 (1 poor – 5 great).

Fields marked with an * are required

(Do you define the markets you participate in and markets you do not)

(Do you understand key competitors SWOT by market)

(Use of ERP data to determine customer segments / targets)

(Have you developed a customer based value prop that differentiates you against your competitor)

(do you have a well-defined set of hardware, software and services offerings targeted to specific markets)

(How do you rate your Sales and Marketing Customer Relationship Management Tool usage)

(Are you satisfied with the number of qualified leads you receive)

(Do you have landing pages in place which help generate demand)

(Do you have a platform in place to attract and retain Buyer 2.0)

(Do you measure marketing KPIs or ROMI)

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